An All-In-One Business System, Streamlines Administrative Tasks, Allowing You More Time To Focus On Your Core Business Strengths.

Sales Agent

Enhance sales team performance and streamline sales processes with the SalesAgent Module.


Efficiently Manage Leads and Deals: Streamline lead and deal management, convert prospects into customers, and make informed decisions with this CRM system.


Efficiently manage sale invoices, generate insightful sales reports, and effortlessly print product barcodes with our comprehensive POS module.


Simplify Accounting, Inventory, and Billing with Ease: Streamline financial management, control inventory effortlessly, and automate billing for your business.


Implify client support and ticket management with Support Ticket, ensuring rapid responses and increased client satisfaction.


Streamline Project Management and Collaboration: Assign tasks, milestones, and bugs, track progress, and enhance team productivity effortlessly.


Effortlessly Manage Your HR Needs: Simplify employee management, streamline recruitment, and easily handle payroll using this comprehensive HRM system.


Sales monitor your sales performance like a coach and let you know whether you are on track. Get real-time reports about every sales activity you make, make smarter decisions, and manage your business’s general sales more efficiently.


In the fast-paced world of fleet management, having a reliable and comprehensive solution is paramount. That’s where Fleet comes in – it’s your all-in-one platform for seamlessly managing every aspect of your vehicle fleet.

130+ Add-Ons For Every Requirement

Choose from our extensive selection of 130+ add-ons, each meticulously crafted to address your specific needs.

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