School Management System
School Management System

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e-SMS is a collaborative platform that connects Teachers, Students and Parents.


Great Features of eSMS - Admin

Admin Dashboard Overview

Empower school administrators and teachers with the eSMS app a comprehensive solution. Track student attendance, assignments, holidays, and more through its user-friendly dashboard.

Academic Management Module

Admin can manage student medium, section, subject, class assign, class subject, and assign subjects to the teacher.

School Management Module

Now, in the admission form, fields can be dynamically added as needed. Admins have the ability to manage student admissions, details, and categories efficiently.

Teachers Management Module

Admin can create teachers and manage teachers.

Parents Management Module

Admin can view student-parent details, edit details and remove.

Timetable Assignment Module

Admin can create a timetable, class timetable, and teacher timetable.

Holiday Management Module

Admin can create school holidays and manage holidays.

Subject Lesson Management Module

Teachers can create subjects related chapters and topics.

Student Assignment Management Module

Teacher can create assignments and manage assignment submissions.

Slider Management Module

Admin can create slider and manage slider.

Announcement Management Module

Admin can create an announcement and able to assign it to a particular class, section, or noticeboard.

Attendance Management Module

Teachers can view, add, & manage student attendance.